Is it Protected to Use a Loofah within the Bathe?

Is it secure to make use of a loofah to wash your pores and skin? As a dermatologist, I by no means suggest a pure loofah (additionally spelled luffa) for showering. They aren’t nice for exfoliating, they don’t dry effectively they usually can harbor germs.

That perpetually damp loofah sitting within the bathe is dwelling to microbes that may trigger an infection in your pores and skin. The loofah offers the right world for germs. Yep, it sits in a humid and humid bathe the place there’s minimal air circulation for drying.

Is it Protected to Use a Loofah within the Bathe?

A few of the pathogens (germs) that may develop in your loofah embrace,

  1. Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a sweet-ish smelling micro organism that loves damp locations),
  2. Staph aureus (a bitter smelling micro organism that causes impetigo and different severe pores and skin infections)
  3. Candida yeast.

Your loofah is the right blissful dwelling for germs!

doctor's tips is it safe to use a loofah

Why does a loofah sponge trigger pores and skin an infection?

The pure and porous cucumber fibers of your loofah look fairly as a result of they’re a matrix of nooks and crannies. Your loofah turns into much more porous as you squeeze and press the fibers in opposition to your pores and skin, bending and breaking them into much more nooks and crannies.

why do loofah sponges cause skin infection

Add cleaning soap scum, lifeless pores and skin cells and pores and skin oils into the damp and darkish nooks and crannies and that loofah is a banquet of nourishment for the microbial populous, which eat down the fibers to make – extra nooks and crannies – it’s microbial heaven.

Even worse than rubbing that in your wholesome and intact pores and skin is utilizing it earlier than or after shaving! That is double bother, as a result of shaving causes micro-abrasions in your pores and skin which can be excellent new houses for microbes to maneuver into and trigger pores and skin an infection. Shaving may mechanically irritate hair follicles and people microbes could take up residence within the good heat indentation of a pore to trigger shaving folliculitis.

I’m not a loofah fan, however if you happen to love your loofah a lot that I’ve not persuaded you with that description of loofah microbial misadventure, then at the very least decrease the percentages of getting a pores and skin an infection by discouraging microbes from taking over residence in your loofah.

Physician’s suggestions for utilizing a loofah sponge safely:

  • Make certain your loofah dries completely between makes use of – put it within the breeze, set it within the solar, or hold it up so the water dries completely.
  • Change it when it seems to be something however perky and agency. Tender, smelly, scummy loofahs should be retired on the earliest indicators of break down.

Different concepts like microwaving and bleaching (you want a ten% bleach answer in keeping with the article under) may fit, however as there aren’t any concrete research with a assure, I will not share any recommendation on these strategies.

safer way to exfoliate body in shower instead of a loofah

What’s the greatest and most secure solution to exfoliate your pores and skin within the bathe?

Exfoliation makes pores and skin look younger and vivid. It softens pores and skin and helps management non-cancerous age associated growths known as seborrheic keratosis. Physique scrubs are good, however I do not discover them very efficient. Most are both too high quality or too sharp.

Bathe exfoliating cloths are the easiest way to hygienically exfoliate your physique pores and skin.

salux shower cloth is better than a loofah

In my view {and professional} expertise, a non-porous, artificial plastic sponge or fabric is the best solution to exfoliate and a safer choice than a loofah. It exfoliates and dries higher. My favourite is the Salux Wash Fabric. As with a loofah, it is advisable to completely dry and change any bathe accent – plastic bathe fabric, razor and many others. to be secure.

As a dermatologist, I like to recommend that you simply don’t share your exfoliating bathe fabric even amongst spouses.

Get even higher exfoliation outcomes by including an AHA physique wash to make use of together with your exfoliating Salux Fabric.  I take advantage of my Triple Motion Exfoliating Cleanser within the bathe with my Salux Fabric about twice every week. It really works superbly to maintain my pores and skin mushy, forestall keratosis pilaris (sure I’ve that) and age seborrheic keratosis. Sustaining mushy physique pores and skin takes work for many of us. 

For one of the best outcomes getting mushy and easy physique pores and skin apply a glycolic acid physique lotion after exfoliating within the bathe.

Get all the things you want in my Extremely-Quick Triple Motion Physique Exfoliating Equipment. 


get smooth body skin fast with this 


What’s the easiest way to exfoliate your face with out acids?

best facial exfoliating scrubYou should utilize a easy Exfoliation Facial Sponge together with your favourite pores and skin cleanser. You possibly can additionally use an exfoliating scrub and one of the best is my Bamboo and Clay Exfoliation scrub made with eco-friendly bamboo beads and a thermal clay that helps clear deeply into pores. 

If you wish to use an acid mixed with an exfoliating scrub the Triple Motion Cleanser in my Extremely-Quick Physique Smoothing Equipment is a favourite every day cleanser for facial exfoliation to maintain pores and skin vivid and easy three hundred and sixty five days a yr. 

Be intentional in regards to the equipment you employ whereas showering and bathing. Cautious thought and the appropriate merchandise could make the distinction between wholesome and mushy pores and skin versus a pores and skin an infection. 

skin care that is better than a loofah for soft skin

I do not suggest utilizing a loofah. As an alternative, I like to recommend a a lot safer and simpler bathe exfoliation routine utilizing a package like my Extremely-Quick Triple Motion Physique Smoothing Equipment. Click on right here to be taught extra. 


EDWARD J. BOTTONE, ANTHONY A. PEREZ II, and JAMEL L. OESER, Loofah Sponges as Reservoirs and Autos within the Transmission of Doubtlessly Pathogenic Bacterial Species to Human Pores and skin,  JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY, Feb. 1994, p. 469-472

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