Ought to You Exfoliate Your Scalp?

Seeing Gen Z skip over the painful drugstore part of their adolescent years is proof that magnificence routines can all the time be upgraded.

We have taken exfoliation from gritty apricot face scrubs to easy and efficient over-the-counter chemical peels.

You are welcome for our years of isopropyl alcohol-based providers, btw.

And we’re fully expediting the entire “why have not I been doing this for years” factor with new, unheard-of exfoliants and washing strategies.

So, one has to marvel: Must you exfoliate your scalp too? Oh, yeah. Enter your haircare improve: scalp scrubs.

These granular hair heroes are your hair’s reply to subtle magnificence routines: They take away sweat, product build-up, dandruff, and some other uncomfortable scalp residues which will stop hair development.

And so they’re form of for everybody:

Have a dry or flakey scalp? Utilizing a scalp scrub will break down and take away the surplus sebum and flakes.

Have extra oil? A scrub will assist make clear sweat build-up that your shampoo would possibly miss.

We’ll get into the nitty gritty on scalp scrubs: the way to use them and why a DIY scalp exfoliator is the perfect route. And naturally; A recipe to grasp your individual DIY scalp scrub for dandruff and all different clarifying wants.

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How To Use a Scalp Scrub

The mechanics of a scalp scrub could seem fairly straight ahead. I imply… the directions are proper within the title.

However, there’s some fantastic print on the entire literal scalp scrub factor. Let’s get into every.

Ought to I scalp scrub earlier than or after shampoo?

We propose utilizing your DIY scalp scrub pre-shower and pre-shampoo for a pair causes.

Many greater finish, store-bought, Gwyneth accredited variations are fairly dry.

To not point out, do we actually know what elements like Dimethicone are?

However, as a result of the opposite guys have dryer consistencies, these are sometimes in-shower choices that do not require an extended (and nourishing) soaking course of.

Presenting: an abridged checklist of why we love a DIY.

When making you are personal secret sauce, there is a little bit of moisture to work with already:

You could have the flexibility to get nearer to a paste than a seasoning.

Plus, DIY scalp scrubs often have added useful oils in them with out some other chemical, perfume, or additive stuff, so it is wonderful to allow them to sit for 10-Quarter-hour.

Okay, nothing’s stopping you from doing that within the bathe, however be sure to not lose any method within the line of fireside (the bathe stream).

The way to Use a Scalp Scrub:

  1. On dry hair, use your scalp scrub by making use of on to your scalp and massaging for a couple of minutes (energy and size rely on how dangerous your buildup is)
  2. Get within the bathe and rinse it out
  3. Shampoo, situation, hair masks, make a cellphone name as ordinary 😎

One motive we mannequin our routine like that is so your shampoo can get any leftover granules or residue.

And simply how usually must you scalp scrub?

As soon as every week is nice, however hold checking in along with your scalp.

In case you have dangerous buildup or oil, as soon as every week is good.

However, when you’ve got solely slight buildup otherwise you’re simply within the scalp scrub sport as a result of it feels soooo good then dial again the frequency.

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Ought to You Exfoliate Your Scalp?

We are saying overwhelmingly sure.

(Um, did you learn our reward for scalp remedies above?)

However apart from their BFF materials, there’s a incorrect solution to exfoliate your scalp.

You’d assume the act of cleansing scalp buildup is difficult to mess up or actually overdo.

However, what makes one thing so proper SO WRONG is doing it too usually or utilizing a method too robust.

What’s too usually: If you have already got a reasonably wholesome scalp and you utilize too robust of a scrub, you may really create an issue the place one did not exist.

What’s too robust: Too robust is often a store-bought drawback: in the event that they embody acid exfoliators like AHAs or bigger, more durable granules, this might be quite a bit on some scalps.

So, are scalp scrubs dangerous?

No, positively not.

When you do not go blindly into exfoliation.

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The Recipe: Scalp Scrub For Dandruff DIY

Sure, this recipe is for dandruff largely, however we’re giving tweaks to make it your individual if you’re unsure if it is product build-up, sebum overproduction, or one thing between dry scalp and dandruff.


  • 1/4 cup of jojoba or avocado oil (for moisture)
  • 3/4 cup baking soda (for fantastic exfoliation)
  • 5-10 drops of tea tree oil (for anti-fungal properties)
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (for PH balancing, anti-bacterial goodness)
  • 1 tablespoon Manuka honey (for moisture)


  • Combine right into a paste
  • Utilizing round motions, therapeutic massage into scalp for five minutes
  • Enable to take a seat for at the very least 10 minutes
  • Rinse off within the bathe

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Why Is This A Profitable Combo?

Salt scrubs could be fairly drying due to the sodium;

Though clarifying, it will possibly dry your mid-sections and ends out.

As nicely, the bigger and extra course attributes of salt (like that of Himalayan salt) generally is a little too abrasive on some scalps.

Baking soda has a a lot finer texture that permits this scalp scrub to get proper in between strands whereas additionally being naturally clarifying.

Throw in some tea tree oil and ACV and also you get your anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial goodness to combat off any sebum overproduction too.

To not point out, ACV is PH balancing.

That means: hair is shinier, frizz-free, wholesome, and cuticle-sealed.

Lastly, our use of oils and honey are the distinction maker (private pats for this one).

As talked about, something that is clarifying generally is a bit drying.

So we repair that from the beginning with added, non-comedogenic oils that are not too heavy for fantastic hair.

However, Manuka is the star ingredient in moisture right here.

It is a pure humectant that pulls and retains moisture from scalp to finish.

That means you get easy, frizz-fighting, moisturized locks from the basis.

When To Swap Out Baking Soda For Sugar

For textured hair comparable to these with 4C curls, the salt in most scrubs can go away you very dry.

Though baking soda is simpler on the dryness than salt, getting only a liiiiittle extra moisture is vital for these hair sorts.

Whilst you will not get as a lot impurity pull-out, sugar offers a pleasant, fantastic exfoliator that’ll soften your scalp.

When To ADD Salt:

Get in there, lady.

That is for when you have got a whole lot of build-up or very soiled hair.

Add an extra 1/3-1/2 cup in fact salt (like sea salt or Himalayan) to supply your scalp with each giant and fantastic bodily exfoliators.

We propose to not take away the baking soda solely as you will nonetheless need one thing fantastic in there too.

As all the time, take a detailed have a look at your scalp and test in with the state of your buildup to see if you could go arduous or not.

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