We’re debunking a few of the most typical solar care myths we’ve heard not too long ago, so to keep solar good this summer season!

You possibly can solely burn in summer season

Your pores and skin can truly burn any time of the 12 months. Whereas it’s true that the solar’s UV rays are stronger in the course of the summer season months, our pores and skin is uncovered to all of them 12 months spherical, even when it’s cloudy. This implies you’ll be able to nonetheless get sunburnt on cool, hazy or cloudy days.

You possibly can’t get sunburnt inside or within the shade

You possibly can nonetheless burn when inside and within the shade. Chances are you’ll be stunned to be taught that UV rays can go via leaves, branches, home windows and clouds – they’ll even replicate off water, sand, glass and concrete. Whereas sitting within the shade or indoors does restrict you UV publicity, it doesn’t imply you’re escaping it fully!

You solely want to use sunscreen as soon as a day

It’s best to reapply sunscreen commonly all through the day. To make sure your pores and skin is at all times protected, we’d advocate reapplying sunscreen at the very least each two hours in the event you’re uncovered to the solar, no matter SPF issue.

A tan that builds isn’t harmful

There isn’t a wholesome solution to tan from UV rays. Any tan we get from the solar is definitely a sign that our pores and skin has been broken and is attempting to guard itself in opposition to additional UV radiation. ​​Obtain a golden, confidence enhance with our 100% pure, skin-loving tanning merchandise as an alternative!


We use each mineral and chemical solar filters and so they defend from UV rays in barely other ways.


Chemical solar filters take in and convert UV rays into warmth, in the identical manner the melanin in your pores and skin converts UV to warmth whenever you tan. The warmth generated by this course of is then launched on the floor of the pores and skin. 

Solar care merchandise containing chemical solar filters usually have a silkier consistency, and assure a clear software on the pores and skin.


Mineral solar filters sit on the pores and skin’s floor, the place they replicate UV rays away to successfully defend in opposition to the solar. The method of reflecting relatively than changing UV signifies that mineral sunscreens are a preferred choice for these with super-sensitive pores and skin that may react to the chemical solar filter course of. 

Solar care merchandise containing mineral solar filters are typically richer in texture, making them an excellent selection for anybody who prefers a thicker consistency. 

Make-up acts as a UV barrier

Make-up doesn’t act as a barrier and won’t defend you pores and skin sufficiently. UV rays are nonetheless in a position to go via your make-up, penetrating the pores and skin’s floor and inflicting solar injury. Even when carrying make-up with an added SPF, we advocate additionally carrying a facial SPF to make sure all areas of the face – together with these you wouldn’t apply make-up to – are protected.

It’s too late to guard my pores and skin – it’s already broken

It’s by no means too late to start out caring for your pores and skin. Pores and skin injury is cumulative. On common solely 47% of lifetime publicity happens by age 40, which signifies that essentially the most solar injury happens after this time. Begin safeguarding your self now by carrying a broad spectrum SPF  50 sunscreen on daily basis – your pores and skin will thanks for it.


Uncover our new vary of broad spectrum nourishing, reef-friendly solar safety.


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