Unilever patents antimicrobial peptides topical for pores and skin, scalp and oral immunity

Writing in its worldwide patent​, Unilever stated its methodology centred on exterior utility of hydroxystearic acid and numerous blends of the emollient to induce the secretion of AMPs from keratinocytes on the human physique – an “essential half”​ of the pores and skin’s pure defence system. The topical composition labored to kill or inactivate invading infectious microorganisms, comparable to Staphylococcus aureus​ [S. aureus], which was related to numerous pores and skin and gentle tissue infections.

Antimicrobial peptides to the defence

“AMPs are ubiquitous in nature and so they sometimes exhibit a broad spectrum of exercise towards invading micro organism, fungi, viruses and parasites,” ​Unilever wrote in its patent submitting.

“…The current inventors have discovered that on utility of hydroxystearic acid on pores and skin, which could possibly be pores and skin per se or scalp or oral cavity, the lively induces era of AMPs which is thought to be an essential step in enhancing the immunity of the pores and skin towards assault by microorganisms.”

These enhanced ranges of AMPs on the pores and skin following utility, it stated, then interacted synergistically with the hydroxystearic acid lively to offer antimicrobial exercise towards infective organisms like S. aureus and P. aeruginosa.

“…Hydroxystearic acid subsequently gives safety for the physique towards infections by boosting the physique’s personal defence. In different phrases, the lively primes the physique floor for germ safety. The benefit of that is that it gives long-lasting safety, e.g. as much as 24 hours of safety towards germs.”

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