What Is Vabbing and Why is Tiktok Telling Us To Do It

You understand how about I like perfume proper? I’m continuously on the fragrance facet of Tiktok and I’ll fortunately stay there endlessly in the event that they let me know. Not too long ago, I got here throughout somebody discussing vabbing and I used to be like, wait, what?

I had no thought what vabbing was. Is it some form of new maceration method? Is it a brand new method to apply your fragrance? Vabbing, dabbing…hmmm…

Nicely, I stupidly watched that Tiktok and now my total Tiktok stream is about vabbing and I believe I simply have to name it quits.

What’s vabbing?

So, yeah, you may be tremendous sensible and seen that vabbing combines two phrases.

Vagina and dabbing.

This isn’t going to go properly. Brace your self. Vabbing refers to dabbing your vagina secretions in your physique as you’d fragrance. God assist us all. The concept is that it’ll make you extra engaging to your companion. Vabbing apparently attracts potential companions, as a result of vaginal secretions include pheromones. You’d dab a little bit of your ahem secretions behind your ears and at your wrists.

I’m sorry however I can’t even with this…

No kink shaming right here however the thought of dabbing myself with my very own vaginal juices simply sounds incorrect on many various ranges! Tiktok simply serves up all kinds of nonsense typically. I believe I’ll keep on with my costly perfumes thanks ever a lot.

What are your ideas on vabbing?

Gross? Intriguing? This will’t be actual life?

Do share!

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